Restaurants are always taken as a place to relax and a place where you can have a great time escaping from the worries of your everyday work and stress. Restaurants have been changing from many years and not all the restaurants are having the friendly atmosphere that a customer looks for. It is all about how the people in the restaurant make you feel. There are few things to take care of by the staff of the restaurants and as customers you should seek these things at the restaurants.

  1. Kids should be given priority

Kids are very sweet and they love going out whether it is a picnic, shopping or having lunch or dinner with family in restaurant. Children should be firstly taken care of as they will get irritable when they are hungry and they will get upset. If the restaurant is completely booked make sure that you check with the parents if the kids will have some quick snack like crackers, juice, biscuits so that they can wait till they get the place to sit.

  1. Clear dishes when the customer is really finished with them

There is one thing that annoys most of the customers that is when the waiter quickly takes away the plates and the glasses even before checking with the customer if he or she has actually finished it. It will be better to ask the customer if they want the table to be cleared and ask the customer in a polite way by not making them feel that they have eaten enough.

  1. Don’t delay bringing water

Actually the first thing to be served in a restaurant is water so that by the time their order arrives they can at least sip water after travelling o far to come to the restaurant. Do not make the customers wait for water and if the customer asks for water it implies that he or she is thirsty so if a customer asks for water it’s probably because they are thirsty.  Don’t make them wait a long for water. Always give the customer’s choice from regular and mineral water and don’t assume that the customer will ask for something and bring without their knowledge.

  1. Pay attention and don’t annoy

Sometimes people are engrossed in conversation and they don’t think of anything else, waiters and other staff should be present at a distance that they can be reached by the customers when they need. It will be very annoying and disturbing if the customers are disturbed by the waiters to see if everything is fine.

  1. Arrange tables for people as arrive

In any party everybody does not turn up at the same time so some people will be early and some will be late in such cases it will be better if the customers are offered chairs to sit and some appetizers as they wait for the party.

  1. 6Be quick in service

When the customer is doe with eth food make sure that the bill is presented quickly and once the payment is done if it is card, get the receipt and the change quickly so that they can leave some tip without wasting their time.

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