India is a very traditional country and it has its own facts and truths about the culture it follows. Indians treat people very politely and if it a guest they overdo things to please them. Indians very truthfully and loyally follow the words “athithi devo bhava” which means the guest is an embodiment of God. This is the prime reason why Indians have such an undue respect towards the guests. Most of the tourists as they are unaware of this fact they end up staying in hotels where they get service from people only till the time they pay not that home stay hosts don’t charge money but the hospitality and the care that you get when you stay in a house with family live with them and dine with them is totally different from staying in hotels.  Nevertheless due to the popularity that the home stay idea is gaining people are getting the idea of the concept of home stay and are choosing home stays over hotels.

The concept of home stay has the same idea of bed and breakfast. The person or the guest is either made to stay with the family or is given separate quarters. Now a days due to the popularity home stays are offering best comfort to the guest like the hotels.

Advantages of living in a Home stay in traditional India

The benefits or the advantages of living in a home stay are numerous when compared to a hotel the advantages include:

  1. Idiosyncratic and eccentric Accommodations – the hotels are stereotypes. They are all the same with no special features that will get you closer to the culture of the place. But when you are in home stay you get so close to the culture with the people around. You can choose from a wide range of places to stay like bungalows, mansions, plantation bungalows and cottages.
  2.  Custom-made Service – unlike the hotel the home stay has only few rooms and the family that runs the home stay behaves like the host. Due to this the guest will get lot of personal attention. It depends on the guest if they want to spend more or less time with the host. Guest sometimes only dines with the host and sometimes spends a long time chatting with them. This is the most convenient way to learn the Indian culture and many of the hosts and guests stay in touch even after the vacation.
  3. Local Knowledge – the hosts are the locals so the information they have about the place is simple awesome. This will help you in your stay. The host’s show a lot of interest to take the guest around the area and give them information which a hotel, travel guide or a book can’t give.
  4. Home Cooked Food – the difference in the food of the hotel and the Indian home is completely unmatched. When you are at a home stay you can taste the actual authentic food of India.

The idea of home stay is best for people to understand the culture better than being in a hotel.

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