Twitter provides access to more and more people and helps them get a peek into your social media life. Your Twitter network surely says a lot about you and your business. Businesses today have no idea how much they truly need Twitter and have it impact your online presence.

Are you looking to boost your presence and have your online popularity soar the greatest heights? If yes, you would probably like to start with Twitter. Twitter makes it possible to enhance your social media presence and have your words spread out and help you make quick profits through sales and publicity.

One of the easiest and perhaps the most basic way to begin is to start making new followers. If you are looking to make followers, here is a brief lowdown on what you should do:

 The Basic Rule

When you get started with Twitter, the best beginning is to start following people of similar interests and wait for them to follow you back! What you need to do is just follow people you’re looking to turn into followers. Chances are that most of these followers might find you interesting enough and they would soon follow you back.

In case if you find people who don’t follow you back, consider ‘Unfollowing’ them (unless you would like to know what they post about).

The not so easy ways:  Getting educated

The basic rule to gain followers is nice, but only for a start to have some decent followers. In case however, you’re interested in following a long term strategy, follow some of the ideas discussed below:

  • Get a catchy avatar: Presentation of yourself in the right manner can work wonders for you. The online world is also greatly influenced by glamour quotients. It is hence greatly important to have a catchy avatar that includes the following aspects:-
  1. Attractive introduction– Give your Profile a nice and fitting Twitter Bio. It speaks for your Twitter presence and helps you amass the best views on Twitter.
  2. Give a face to your Profile– Give a face to your profile, and a pretty one if possible. Glamorous profile pictures come up to be the best ‘Following’ tools that help you gain maximum followers and get noticed.
  3. Sassy Twitter Handles– Sometimes it is also your sassy Twitter username that helps you gain the right attention. Get some catchy Twitter usernames to have yourself promoted on Twitter the right way!
  4. Tweet sensibly– Twitter allows you to come up with succinct expressions of 140 characters. You can tweet sensibly and clinch some of the topmost positions in Twitter.

  • Spread your presence: It is important to have your presence spread across so that you are noticed at newer places and gain followers too. You can easily spread your presence and enjoy some more popularity with Twitter by using the following strategies:
  1. Join Tweet Chats– Tweet Chats are one of the best mediums to enhance your Twitter presence. Make sure you engage yourself in these cool Tweet Chats that are relevant to your topics of discussion and target audiences.
  2. Seek out conversations– Look out for some friendly conversations with your fellow Twitterians. These conversations make you all the more popular and help you get the right attention.
  3. Use mentions and quotes– It is always good to use Twitter mentions and quote the names of authors of articles you tweet. These authors would always be happy to oblige you by clicking on ‘Follow’. Mention and express gratitude towards friendly and amicable tweets.
  4. Leave your Twitter signatures everywhere– Make maximum use of your Twitter usernames. You can look out to leave your Twitter signatures everywhere while you comment on any posts. These are likely to leave your profile gaining more and more followers.

It pays to be original and creative on Facebook. If however, you do not achieve any great results, consider buying fake Fivver followers or TweetAdder. You can also use some cheat tricks with #AutoFollow or #TeamFollowBack hashtags. These would soon have your business scaling heights of popularity and marketing gains!

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