Twitter has beautifully painted the social media landscape with its creative hues and enormous presence. It has now become one of the leading social media tools to clinch the best positions in the online world. When using Twitter for personal interests, we often end up using it the way we like. In case of using twitter for professional and business benefits, it is imperative to consider many things.

There are many social media habits, characteristic of every social media website, which help in making an impact and augmenting your online presence. If you’re looking to achieve the best benefits of Twitter, it is essential for you to understand how to use it profitably.

As there are many facets to every side of Twitter and measures to make the best use of it. There can be many different varying opinions on the best practices to follow for Twitter marketing. You would however, discover that these practices differ according to your business motives.

Some common Twitter mistakes however, remain uniform throughout. You need to kick these Twitter practices so that you can move towards more sales acquisition and more popularity. Some of these Twitter practices have been discussed below:

Egg Avatar

The Egg Avatar is an immediate ‘I am fake’ feel to it! I am sure you wouldn’t like to be tied to the same tagline of being an egg. If you’re looking to grow your profile, you sure need to grow out of the Egg and give a pretty face to your Twitter identity.   Savvy social media enthusiasts do not appreciate this under-construction kind of profile that often appears as an incomplete profile that’s definitely not an authentic one!

Links and links and more links

Tweeting links to different websites could be an irritating practice that ends up putting off most Twitter users. It is important to understand that most Twitter users access their accounts with the help of mobile devices that make it quite difficult to visit these endless links. Tweet something pleasant from time to time, and steer clear from the all linking tweet zone! Try out something innovative instead!

Didactic approach

Are you trying to use Twitter for moral policing? Its time you stop doing that! Even if you have a business page or a personal account, try to avoid didactic ramble. These dictums include quotes and facts that emphasize on something or the other time and again. Try to stay away from such random preaches, which could sooner make your account out of reaches! It is good to come up with such fixed-base approaches once in a while but you could consider avoiding it on a regular basis.

Personal approach

Most people end up forgetting the ‘social’ aspect of social media that allows you to give vent to your social feelings and personal opinions once in a while. Some people however, make it a regular habit and go on to just speak about themselves and their personal opinions. Its time you realize the existence of others around you and acknowledge the same on social media too!

Grammar imperfections

One of the greatest Twitter mistakes, or rather crimes, is to come up with grammatically incorrect Tweets or opinions. These tend to be a major turn off. If it happens accidentally sometimes, that is ok. If however, you make such grammatical errors time and again, the issue could give a deathly blow to your followers’ list. Stay away from such careless grammatical errors on Twitter.

Foul language and lack of courtesy

Remember that being a social bully is not going to fetch you much benefits. On the other hand, using foul language could lead to having your accounts blocked or even result in reduced popularity. Stop belittling someone else on twitter to gain advantages. Try to soar higher than the rest with proper Tweets and the right strategies instead!

These Twitter mistakes could literally be some major errors that lead to slackening popularity and lower affinity levels. You need to have your twitter accounts all up and running with a positive image to leverage marketing benefits!

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